The Metabolic Research Alliance (MRA) is a consortium that was formed in 2016, upon the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between The Jackson Laboratory, University of Connecticut, Weizmann Institute of Science and Yale University. The Alliance was borne from the Connecticut Center for Metabolic Research, a collaboration between the State of Connecticut's three leading institutions.

Its goal is to combine the distinct strengths of its separate institutions to conduct transformative research into metabolic diseases. This synergistic approach to research makes MRA distinctly well positioned to develop innovative prevention strategies, treatment options, and curative approaches to these devastating diseases. Our research institutions work together to promote an innovative and progressive approach to fill the need for focused, translational research efforts related to metabolic disease. MRA is advancing key avenues of basic and translational research on the biology of metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes which are growing exponentially worldwide, yet lack adequate therapeutic solutions. The Alliance brings together four major research entities that are collaborating on promising areas of exploration including protein action in metabolism; the role of stress in metabolism, eating disorders, and diabetes; and the role of the immune system and the microbiome.


Analysis of the Effects of the Microbiome on Immune Responses in Humanized Mice

The human immune system is modulated by the microbiome. Several lines of investigation have described relationships between increases in common diseases such as allergies, autoimmune illnesses, and even obesity and type 2 diabetes to changes in the microbiome. Read more.
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